Thoclor Labs is a Biotechnology Company dedicated to blending the powers of medical science with the miracles of nature. We develop and produce the worlds most advanced skin aftercare treatment and a revolutionary skin rejuvenation product. Our skin series helps to heal damaged skin after invasive treatments, plus slows the effects of environmental damage on the skin, reducing extrinsic ageing. Reduce infection and remove inflammation with our formulations.
The GF Skin Series developed by Thoclor Labs, and backed by extensive research, makes the quest for youthful healthy skin a reality. Combining rejuvenation with healing means that our products are proven to give you the best skin possible.
Products have an ingredient inside called HOCI.

What is HOCl?

HOCl is our own immune molecule that is formed by the human white blood cells, it is used by the body to fight infection and heal wounds. It therefore plays a central role in our immunity and overall health.

The Thoclor Labs unique method of production delivers a high quality and concentration of HOCl that is manufactured through an IP-protected process. The further addition of proprietary ingredients provides an active ingredient that is non-toxic, 100% pure and stable.