Stemming from medical research, the Filorga Cryolift Method implements perfect symbiosis between the action of high perfromance products and the biostimulant effect of the cryotherapy for optimized results. The Cryolift discharges the cold stabilized at -18 degrees celcius directly on the skin without any feeling of discomfort. Cryolift acts radically on marked and fatigued skins which regain firmness, tone and radiance.


Cryogenic application allows rapid inhibition of the nervous conduction. We therefore exert a local analgesia on the treated area. This permits deeper modelage without causing the client discomfort.


The cold directly induces a vasoconstriction of the skin microcirculation. By physiologic reaction, the body exerts a paradoxical vasodilation of capillaries to compensate for brutal cooling of the skin. This mechanism brings about a rapid succession of vasocontrition and vasodilation by pumping effect, this phenomenon is called vasomotricity. This paradoxical vasomotricity allows a remarkable skin distribution of active ingredients.


The phenomenon of vasomotricity activates skin microcirculation and thus promotes a better oxygenation of dermal cells. An oxygenated cell uses its energy resources optimally. Beyond a better penetration of active ingredients, you are therefore enhancing their action on the dermal cells.

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